rolling walker, Phoenix, ArizonaRolling walkers are very popular these days — but is one right for you?

For those with good balance and physical control, rolling walkers offer just enough support to make walking smoother and faster than it would be otherwise. Hand brakes ensure that the rolling walker doesn’t move too fast, and integrated seats make it easy to stop and rest. Rolling walkers often come with baskets for convenience and are offered in a range of colors, which allows users to customize the look and show their personalities.

Standard walkers, on the other hand, are more about sturdy support than style or speed. If anything, they prevent users from moving too quickly — which can be a very good thing for those with balance problems or who tend to move faster than they really should.  Standard walkers are simple and reliable. They don’t require hand strength to manage a braking system (there isn’t one), and there aren’t any controls to remember. This is particularly helpful for those with memory issues who run the risk of forgetting how to use a rolling wheelchair’s hand brakes at a critical moment.

If you’re weighing these two options, ask your health-care provider for a recommendation. Your physician or physical therapist can assess all of the factors involved in your mobility needs and advise you one way or the other. He should also be able to provide you with a reputable, local source of mobility equipment that is covered by your insurance.

At Power Mobility and Lifts, we’ve been serving customers in Phoenix and throughout Arizona for years. We offer a range of mobility equipment and will work closely with your health-care provider to find the solution that’s right for you. Contact us to learn more.