medicare coverage, Power MobilityA power scooter can make life much easier for the active person who needs mobility assistance. Although a scooter can be fairly expensive, your Part B Medicare insurance will cover a significant part of the cost.

Once you have obtained proper documentation, Medicare should cover 80 percent of the approved cost after your deductible. Please note, however, that your scooter must be medically necessary and not intended for mobility outdoors or recreation.

Documentation required for Medicare coverage includes a statement from your doctor. The statement must specify that:

  • Your health condition makes it difficult for you to move around your house, limiting your independence.
  • No other device, such as crutches, canes or a walker will enable you to bathe, dress, eat, get out of bed or conduct other necessary activities of daily living.
  • You have the ability and upper-body strength to safely control, maneuver and get onto and off the scooter — or you have assistance available at all times. Your physician must determine that you’re not strong enough to operate a manual wheelchair.

In some cases, your physician may refer you to a physical or occupational therapist for a complete evaluation of your needs and ability. Your physician will then write a prescription for the scooter.

Additional requirements for Medicare coverage specify that:

  • You must transmit your prescription and supporting medical records to the scooter supplier within 45 days of your face-to-face physical exam.
  • In some cases, your scooter must be obtained from a Medicare-approved provider.
  • The scooter must be usable inside your home. For example, it can’t be too large to fit through your doorways.

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