renting a power scooter, Phoenix, ArizonaIf you’re looking forward to a vacation but fretting over mobility issues, renting a power scooter may well be something to consider. A power scooter can afford you plenty of independence and allow you to keep up with fellow travelers. Renting a scooter is an especially good option if you don’t really need one while you’re at home, or you would like to try one out before deciding whether to buy one.

Once you’ve made the decision to rent a power scooter, you will have several factors to consider. If your weight is normal, a lightweight travel model will probably be sufficient. Many of these models can be taken apart and stored in the trunk of a car or taxi. If you weigh more than 250 pounds, though, you may need a heavy-duty model that can’t be assembled and disassembled so easily.

You’ll also need to consider where you will be taking your power scooter.

  • If you’re flying, inform the airline when you make your reservation that you’ll have a scooter. You’ll want to check your scooter at the boarding gate and ask that it be returned to you at the gate when you arrive.
  • Most cruise lines allow power scooters, but check the dimensions of the doorways to make sure your scooter can get through.
  • Check the dimensions at any hotels where you plan to stay, as well.
  • Consult with any tour operators you’re considering, as some do not allow power scooters.

When you rent your scooter, you will need to cover some basics with your rental agent. Three important questions that you’ll want to ask:

  • What should you do in the event of a breakdown?
  • If you’re traveling abroad, will you need a converter?
  • Will you need to buy damage insurance?

At Power Mobility & Lifts in Phoenix, we can help you through the process of renting — or buying — mobility equipment that will help you enjoy a full and active life. Have any questions? Get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions, whether you’re staying home or planning a dream — and trouble-free — vacation.

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