mobility scooter batteries, Phoenix, ArizonaThe freedom and accessibility a mobility scooter provides is completely dependent upon its battery. Properly and regularly maintaining this critical component is essential to ensure not only that the scooter will operate at the speed desired, but also will be able to maintain that desired speed over an extended period of time or distance.

As the owner and user of a mobility scooter, the last thing you want to worry about is if it will be able to last through the day’s adventures until you return home. Maintaining your mobility scooter batteries will ensure its usability.

Regularly charge the battery

Charge the battery to full capacity each day after you’re done using the scooter. Charging the battery is as simple as plugging one end of the battery charger into the wall’s socket and the other end into the scooter. Once it’s gone through the full charge cycle, the green light will turn on, indicating the charge is complete. If you can avoid it, it’s best to plug the scooter into its battery charger when you’re able to leave it alone and have it charge to this full capacity level. Stopping the charger midstream and unplugging it because you’re late for an appointment or need to use the scooter immediately (before the charge is complete) will not help to maintain the longevity of your battery.

Keep your battery dry

Though downpours are few and far between in Arizona, it’s best to be prepared in case it should rain. Having protective plastic covering with you and an umbrella will help keep your scooter and its battery dry and running to full capacity.

Whether you’re able to maintain your mobility scooter’s battery yourself or you have someone who will do it for you, the integrity and life of your battery is dependent upon it.

Maintaining your mobility scooter batteries should be a top priority. For questions regarding your scooter, contact the pros at Power Mobility & Lifts. We service those throughout the greater Phoenix area.

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