lightweight travel scooter benefitsLightweight and reasonably priced, a travel scooter can allow you to expand your horizons by giving you more mobility outside your home.

Travel scooters are designed for easy disassembly and transport, which gives users the ability to take them almost anywhere. Once disassembled, a travel scooter can be placed in the trunk of a car — and some are small enough to fit in the backseat. Their compact size also makes them convenient for airplanes, where they can usually be stored in an onboard storage closet.

Travel scooters have other features, as well. They tend to be extremely lightweight, with no one component weighing more than 25 to 30 pounds. Some can be folded or disassembled with one hand, and many offer a choice of interchangeable color panels to allow for customization. Travel scooters can go 20 miles between charges and come in three- and four-wheel designs.

Unfortunately, travel scooters don’t fit the bill for everyone. Because they are so lightweight, travel scooters lack some of the stability and functionality of more traditional scooters. They support less weight and don’t perform well on rough terrain or uneven surfaces. Travel scooters lack some of the comfort features available with higher-end mobility devices. Despite these drawbacks, they’re extremely popular. For many with mobility issues, travel scooters provide the perfect blend of flexibility, comfort and freedom-of-movement.

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