Full Size Mobility Scooter For Sale In Phoenix, Arizona

Our Top 3 Standard Mobility Scooters

At Power Lift & Mobility we offer an all encompassing selection of electric mobility scooters available for purchase in the Phoenix-Scottsdale Arizona region. The standard full-sized scooter is a go-to option for the average size user and industry leading brands like Pride Mobility, Merits and Golden Technologies have plenty of stylish offerings to suit your individual needs and specifications. Below we’ll break down the features of our most popular 3-wheel scooter models.

Victory 10 Mobility Scooter For Rent

Pride Victory 10 Mobility Scooter

Have an active lifestyle? The Victory 10 scooter will get you around town with no worries on a 15.5 mile battery charge. If you’re in a hurry and want to store away your scooter quickly, the Victory 10 allows for feather touch disassembly. If you plan on spending many hours in your scooter you’ll find a comfortable seat option in the Victory 10 with its eight position, pinchless hinge seat with added foam padding for extra comfort. There’s plenty of leg space and room for personal belongings in the front tiller basket to transport.

Victory 10 Scooter Features: Backlit battery gauge; Easy grip tiller knob; Auto-connecting front/rear harness; Non-scuffing low profile tires.

The Luxury Companion Full Size Mobility Scooter For Sale in Phoenix AZ

Golden Companion 3-Wheel Full Size Scooter

The Companion GC340 scooter features a wider floor allowing for more leg and foot room.This scooter offers similar features to the Victory 10–both feature LED headlights for pathway illumination, adjustable tillers, swivel chairs for comfort and plenty of leg room. One difference is the top speeds–the Companion scooter travels at 4.5 mph vs 5.25 for the Victory 10 but the Companion gets 16 miles per charge compared to Victory’s 15.5 miles.

Companion Mobility Scooter Features: Standard delta tiller; Adjustable LED light; Extra leg room; Non-scuffing tires; Foldable seat; Tail lights, etc.

Pioneer III 3-Wheel Scooter For Sale In Phoenix, Arizona

Merits Pioneer 3 Electric Scooter

Offered in both 3-wheel and 4-wheel versions, the Pioneer 3 Scooter leans more towards the bariatric side of the scooter spectrum. With a weight capacity of 400 lbs., the Pioneer 3 is more heavy duty than the Victory 10 and Companion. The Pioneer 3 essentially offers similar characteristics to the other two models featured here except this model is equipped with a high-torque drivetrain for reliable usage in outdoor environments where terrain is rough or inclines are steep. The Pioneer 3 HD scooter does have the highest charge range of the three selections featured (18 miles) with 5mph top speed.

Pioneer 3 Scooter Features: Sliding captain seat; Steel bumper; Easy-to-use dashboard panel; Adjustable tiller; Flip-up armrests, etc.

All 3 of these models are top sellers in our local Phoenix mobility scooter store. Stop by anytime and let one of our trained mobility aid experts help you find the perfect full sized scooter.