wheelchair assessmentIn today’s world, a lack of mobility doesn’t have to be limiting. With options ranging from walkers to wheelchairs, you can continue to enjoy a relatively active lifestyle whether you’re outdoors or in your home. The key is finding the aid that is best suited for your condition and lifestyle, and a wheelchair assessment can help you do just that.

What is a wheelchair assessment?

With a wheelchair assessment, your doctor will take several aspects of your physical condition into account to determine the best mobility aid for your situation. Areas of interest include:

  • Walking: If walking isn’t possible without some form of support, your doctor will recommend a mobility aid.
  • Strength: Your physical strength will help your doctor determine the best option for you. For example, to use a walker, you need to be strong enough to support your weight and remain upright. Even if a wheelchair is your best option, your strength level plays a role, as manual chairs require great upper-body strength, and power chairs require hand strength and dexterity to operate the controls.
  • Balance and posture: In addition to strength, a wheelchair requires a significant amount of balance from the user. Your ability to hold yourself upright in the chair is a huge factor in your doctor’s recommendation.

Do you need a wheelchair assessment?

Having a doctor assess your situation is the best way to ensure that the mobility aid you acquire is the best for your unique condition. In addition, if you’re getting a wheelchair with the assistance of Medicare, you’ll need a doctor’s recommendation.

Further assistance

Once your doctor has done an assessment and recommended the proper mobility aid, contact us at Power Mobility and Lifts in Phoenix for further assistance. We can help you find an aid with all of the features and necessities of your unique situation.

Wheelchair image via Shutterstock.