transporting your wheelchair, Phoenix, ArizonaEven though they aren’t collapsible and won’t fit into the trunk of a car, electric wheelchairs are easy to transport — if you have the right equipment. Although your wheelchair may be designed to be taken apart, the individual components can be bulky and difficult to lift. Then your chair has to be put together again. It can be far easier and more convenient to leave the chair in one piece and incorporate a ramp or lift into your transportation plans.

If you have a van, a ramp is the easiest way to get your chair to and from the vehicle. You can drive your chair directly to your vehicle. Many ramps are attached directly to the floor of the van, so that you can get in and out easily.

An external lift involves a vehicle hitch and a platform that raises your chair to the height of the vehicle. Mounted to the rear of your vehicle, an external hitch doesn’t take up any space inside your car or van. It can be collapsed when it’s not in use and even removed. An external lift can be used on a range of vehicles — from standard sedans to large trucks and vans. Remote control makes this type of lift very easy to operate.

There are two basic types of internal lifts. One kind involves a crane and harness system that lifts a wheelchair to the back of an SUV or a van. The other kind of internal lift has a platform that’s raised to the vehicle. It runs on the vehicle’s battery and is easy to use, thanks to remote-control operation. Most wheelchair users remove the back row of seats in their vans to accommodate this type of lift.

At Power Mobility and Lifts, we not only sell a variety of lifts for electric wheelchairs, but also service them. Our highly trained staff travels throughout Arizona to provide customers with on-site inspections and repairs. Let us help you find the right ramp or lift for your electric wheelchair. Contact us. we’re happy to help.

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