selecting a power wheelchair, Phoenix, ArizonaThinking about a power wheelchair? You’re not alone. Many individuals with mobility issues have found that power chairs can have an enormous impact on their day-to-day lifestyle. With such a wide range of options and features available in the marketplace, it can be a challenge to know where to begin your search. Our recommendation? Ask the experts.

Start with the pros
Your first step in selecting a power wheelchair should be to check in with the medical professionals in your life. Your doctor and physical therapist will be able to recommend the chair features that are best suited to your needs. Your physical size, weight, level of mobility and strength all play a major role in determining which chair is right for you — so does the nature of your disability. Don’t be afraid to ask for your medical provider’s opinion on the subject.

Check with others
If you know other power wheelchair users, ask them for their recommendations as well. What do they like about the chair they own? Are there features they wish they had? Power chair reviews are also available online and can be a great source of information as well. You can learn a lot about a particular brand or feature just by reading what people have written about it online. It may help you narrow your focus.

Consider your own needs
Remember, no one knows your mobility issues as well as you do. You’re the resident expert on your needs and your particular set of circumstances. Think through how and where you plan to use your new power wheelchair. List out the features you absolutely must have versus those that would be nice to have — and let your initial investigation into the power chair market be guided by the options you know you can’t live without.

At Power Mobility & Lifts, our goal is to help every client find the mobility solution that works best for their unique mobility and lifestyle needs. Let us work with you to find a power wheelchair, scooter or lift that will enhance your day-to-day experience. Contact us today for more information.