power chair options Chandler, AZ areaPower chairs have a broad appeal, largely because of the convenience they provide. Requiring minimal effort, power chairs offer heightened mobility to users both indoors and out and are widely available in a variety of models, each with distinct features and advantages. A mid-wheel-drive power chair, for example, offers precise maneuverability.

Precise maneuverability

Compared with a rear-wheel-drive chair, the mid-wheel-drive chair has a significantly smaller turning radius. This accounts for the level of precision the chair offers in terms of moving about.

While the rear-wheel model has four evenly spaced wheels and turns from the back, the mid-wheel-drive chair features three sets of wheels: one in front, one in back and one directly beneath the seat. As the name implies, the mid-wheel-drive power chair is propelled by the middle set of wheels, which makes precision maneuverability possible.

Other considerations

One perceived drawback of the mid-wheel-drive chair is uneven weight distribution, which could lead to reduced stability for a larger user. But many mid-wheel-drive power chairs are designed larger for this specific purpose and feature back and rear wheels that are positioned farther from the frame to increase stability. Thus, by simply choosing the right chair, a large user can enjoy the safety and comfort he expects from a rear-wheel model, while taking advantage of the added maneuverability of the mid-wheel-drive power chair.

Making the right choice

If you need help choosing the right power chair, contact us at Power Mobility & Lifts in Phoenix. With more than 35 years of combined experience, we can help you find the chair best suited to your unique situation.

Wheelchair image via Shutterstock.