power wheelchair checklist, Phoenix, ArizonaThinking about making a power wheelchair purchase? There’s a lot to consider, and many people find themselves overwhelmed by too much information and too many options. If you’re looking to simplify your power wheelchair search, try our easy 10-point checklist:

Start with the company. Who makes the wheelchair you’re considering? How long has it been in business? Is it reputable?

Consider the sales team
. What’s your experience with the sales staff? Are they knowledgeable about the products they offer? Do they ask about your specific needs?

Don’t limit yourself. Both manufacturers and distributors can be excellent sources of information and customer service. Go with the one that has provided you with timely, accurate and professional assistance.

Learn how repairs are handled. Be sure the company you work with has an in-house repair service so that any issues can be handled quickly on site.

Check out the chair. Get as much information as you can about the power wheelchair you’re considering. Online reviews and consumer websites are a good way to find out how the chair performs in real life situations.

Find out where it’s made. Quality of construction is important. Check the chair’s country-of-origin.

Make sure it fits. Your power wheelchair should match both your physical needs and your day-to-day lifestyle. Know what you want from your new chair ahead of time.

Look for comfort. A chair’s construction, seat support and fabric quality will make a difference in your everyday experience. So will the ability to add accessories. Don’t skimp on your own comfort.

Maneuverability counts. Check your power wheelchair’s size and turning radius before making your purchase. Be sure your chair is suited to your home.

Consider transportation. Do you need a collapsible chair? Will a ramp or lift be required? Don’t leave these issues off your list of considerations.

With more than 35 years of combined experience helping customers in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona, the experts at Power Mobility and Lifts will do whatever it takes to find the power wheelchair that’s right for you. Contact us to get the process started.

Wheelchair image via Shutterstock