wheelchair user's guide to gardening, Phoenix, ArizonaMost people who love plants know that gardening — whether it’s a bed at the front of the house or a whole backyard — can be a great pleasure. But if you use a wheelchair, you may think it’s a an activity that’s out of the question for you. Not so.  With a little extra preparation and the right tools, you’ll find that it’s easy to enjoy gardening. Here’s a guide to get you started.

Choosing a garden space
First, make sure you’ll be gardening in a space that can accommodate your wheelchair. Select an area that’s easy and safe to navigate. Avoid narrow walkways or areas that require you to go over bricks or gravel. Instead, consider these gardening alternatives:

  • Vertical wall gardens: Train plants to grow on a trellis or other vertical structure. Your garden will always be within easy reach and look terrific.
  • Hanging baskets: Consider attaching baskets to a pulley or cord for easy raising and lowering. Hang them at different heights for a unique look.
  • Patio planters: Keep plants in reach by placing them right on the deck or patio. Many flowers, herbs and vegetables do well in container gardens.
  • Raised tabletop: For optimum gardening pleasure, ask a handy family member or hire someone to make you a raised bed that’s at waist height — 30 to 33 inches. The bed should rest on sturdy legs. Drill drainage holes in the bottom of the bed, and line the bottom with landscaping fabric. Add soil mix and plant.

Selecting your tools
Look for these important features:

  • Comfort: Extra padding and grip make tools easier to use.
  • Length: Long-handled tools keep you from overreaching while you garden.
  • Reach: Reaching aids are helpful when you’re moving equipment or picking up fallen items.

Remember, gardening should be pleasant. Don’t get overwhelmed. Do what you’re able and have fun.

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Gardening image via Shutterstock