wheelchair user's guide to planning a wedding, Phoenix, ArizonaIf you and/or your loved one are wheelchair users, you know that using a chair becomes second nature. For your wedding day, however, it’s wise to plan ahead. This handy wheelchair user’s guide to planning your wedding will help things go smoothly so that the focus is on the two of you, not on your chair(s). 

  1. Accessibility: Accessibility is a central element when planning a wedding. Spell things out explicitly for vendors so there’s no confusion: Accessibility means an open floor plan, availability of parking for the disabled, accessible bathrooms and NO steps. Check out the location in person before you reserve it.
  2. Clothing choices: A sheath dress is usually better than one with a full skirt. Consider having the dress altered so that it’s shorter in back and longer in front. This will give you a long-skirted look with no risk of skirt dragging or tangling. For men, a tuxedo is often the groom’s preferred choice. Wear a vest over your shirt to help keep shirttails tucked in, and opt for a jacket with tails so that you can simply tuck tails underneath you for a smooth look. When it comes to shoes for the bride, flat shoes are generally better than heels because they’ll stay on foot plates better.
  3. Pictures: Do you want full shots of your chair included in wedding pictures and candid shots? If not, be sure you tell your photographer; he or she can take shots at special angles or close up.
  4. Charge your chair: If you use a power chair, make sure your battery is fully charged and ready to take you down the aisle – and to bust some moves on the dance floor at the reception.
  5. Assistance: Do a run-through with those who will be helping you get dressed, etc., before your wedding, so that everything will go smoothly when the big day comes.

If you have more questions about this wheelchair user’s guide for weddings, contact the professionals at Power Mobility. We proudly serve clients throughout the Phoenix area, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Image via Shutterstock.com