wheelchair armrests and footrests, Phoenix, ArizonaUsing a wheelchair isn’t as limiting as it used to be. Thanks to advances in computer technology, there are more educational and work opportunities available to wheelchair users than ever before. Heavy use of a computer while using a wheelchair does, however, present some unique challenges. Wheelchair armrests and footrests can make the difference between a pleasurable computer experience and a frustrating (or even painful) one. 

One of the most important things wheelchair users who spend a lot of time on the computer need to look for is adjustable armrests and footrests. An adjustable armrest can be lowered so that you can slide under desks and tables. This allows you to reach the keyboard, mouse and other input peripherals without straining your back, neck, arms or shoulders.

Adjustable footrests are equally important. Footrests you can raise and lower help to ensure that you won’t be hitting power cords under the computer station (and accidentally turning your computer off in the middle of an important task). Adjustable footrests also allow you to customize the wheelchair to your body, which takes strain off your back and legs during computer use.

Choosing the best components 
Some wheelchair armrests and footrests are adjustable while remaining fixed to the frame of the wheelchair. Others are fully removable. Whether you go with adjustable or removable components depends on your needs.

According to the World Health Organization, removable components are a good choice if you need to transfer fairly often. Be aware, however, that removable components can get lost or break. If you choose removable components, make sure you have a plan for storing them when they’re not in use. Also be sure both they and their attachment hardware are sturdy.

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