tomorrow's wheelchairs - ergonomicsThe Affordable Care Act and technology may provide a new era in wheelchair design. Tomorrow’s wheelchairs look nothing like those we’re familiar with. While both manual and power wheelchairs have ergometric designs, the future of wheelchairs takes ergonomics to new heights.

In fact, in many cases the term wheelchair is not correct. Personal mobility device is more suitable. For instance, one designer has created a concept wheelchair that allows the user to be in an upright position when moving or standing.

Peugeot has one of the most unique concepts for tomorrow’s wheelchairs. The Peugeot XB1 is an all-electric wheelchair that’s also an “urban mover.” It can go up to 22 miles per hour.

Another designer has created a more comfortable and stable wheelchair. It features a tear drop-shaped backrest, special fabric to prevent sores, full suspension for comfort and three wheels for stability and maneuverability.

While a 22-mile-per-hour wheelchair may be a bit much, another company has designed a mobile wheelchair with an accident avoidance system. This useful technology can help wheelchair users maintain better control of their electric-powered chair.

So, where does The Affordable Care Act come in? More folks will qualify for wheelchairs under the plan, and as more folks are able to buy wheelchairs, both manual and powered chairs will incorporate new technology. As sales volume increases, prices come down and more people can buy chairs with new technology.

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