There’s no question that exercising and staying fit are critical parts of a healthy lifestyle. Countless studies have shown that regular exercise can do everything from improving your mood to alleviating the effects of chronic disease. But what if you’re a wheelchair user or have other mobility issues? Are there safe, effective forms of exercise for you?

The answer — absolutely! Using a wheelchair doesn’t need to keep you from having an effective fitness program. With appropriate guidance from your physician, there are a number of exercise regimens that you can undertake to improve your health and well-being. Regardless of your current fitness level, adding exercise to your routine can make a big difference in how you feel, both physically and mentally.

Strength Training
The adage use it or lose it really is true. Without regular exercise, muscles can begin to weaken and shrink. Repetitive motion exercises such as lifting weights and using elastic bands for resistance build muscle while preventing the loss of bone mass. These exercises also maintain balance, which is especially critical for those negotiating movements in and out of wheelchairs.

Stretching and other exercises that improve your range of motion are also important. These exercises can be done from a seated position and are designed keep joints and muscles limber. Maintaining flexibility ensures that you can bend, reach and turn in ways that allow you to continue day-to-day activities to the greatest extent possible.

Positive Mental Outlook
During exercise, your body produces endorphins that can elevate mood and create a positive mental outlook. In addition to reducing some of the common symptoms of depression, exercise can help you feel more confident. What starts out providing physical strength ends up creating psychological strength, as well.

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