Push Girls, Phoenix, ArizonaYou don’t find us recommending television shows often in this blog, but there’s something new on the Sundance Channel that you might want to check out if you use a wheelchair, or if someone you care about uses a wheelchair.

The half-hour “Push Girls” is a nonfiction reality series. Although the series is set in not-known-for-realism Hollywood, the four young women profiled in “Push Girls” exemplify the universal theme of living with spirit and confidence despite disability. The series challenges many standard perceptions held by those who don’t require mobility equipment.

Because of accident or illness the Push Girls have been quadriplegic or paraplegic for at least 10 years. These women in wheelchairs are at different life stages. Angela, quadriplegic from a car accident, is a down-to-earth model just separated from her husband. Auti, paralyzed in a car accident, is a dancer, rapper and actress trying for a baby at age 42. Mia was paralyzed at age 15, when her spinal cord ruptured. She’s been active in adaptive sports and is involved with an able-bodied boyfriend. Formerly a competitive swimmer, she’s getting into the pool again for the first time since her injury. Tiphany is the flirty Push Girl always quick with the wisecracks, still struggling to find her true calling in life.

Even if it is a Hollywood version of the lives of the active disabled, there’s value in a series that covers a group of people who are not seen as often as they should be in the media. Happily, there are no able-bodied individuals playing disabled people. It’s also of value that the attitude of the show isn’t overly emotional. These women have had their lives interrupted by their accidents and health issues, but they’re not defined by them. It’s impressive to see what these Push Girls accomplish with ease.

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