paralympic games, Phoenix, ArizonaThey compete on an international stage. They are basketball stars, swimmers, volleyball players and gymnasts. They are the best athletes in the world.  Many use wheelchairs.

The Summer 2012 Paralympic Games, in London this year, were an inspiration. Athletes from around the world competed in more than 38 sports ranging from archery to wrestling.

And like the athletes competing in the 2012 Olympic games, those on the U.S. Paralympic Team have inspiring stories to tell. Some thought they could never make it this far. Some have tried and failed to reach the Paralympic Games many times before and just this year realized their dream. Some are simply gifted athletes who are maximizing their abilities.

But the stories of those competing in the Paralympic Games go beyond drive, determination and hunger to compete and win. Their stories go further. They include illness, accidents and genetics. Each and every one the Paralympic athletes is disabled.

If you’ve watched any of the coverage of the Olympic Games, you’ve heard how difficult it is to become a world-class athlete. The amount of training required to become the best is overwhelming — hours of practice, strict diets, nonstop training. It’s a full-time, taxing job. Now imagine putting in that much work — day in and day out — while living with a disability.

Many Paralympic athletes can’t just hop out of bed in the morning and head to the gym. They use lifts and electric wheelchairs. Like many of you reading this blog, they rely on these tools — for daily living, to do the things they love and to reach their goals.

And now they’ve reached their goals.

If you use an electric wheelchair or have a disability, we hope you got to watch the athletes — including Lora Webster (volleyball) and Christopher Clemens (track and field), who are from Phoenix — in the Paralympic Games. Be inspired. Because they are proof that you can accomplish anything you want to do.

And if you need advice or service on a wheelchair, scooter, lift or walker contact us. We would love to help you reach your goals.

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