fire prevention for wheelchair users, Phoenix, ArizonaEveryone should be familiar with fire prevention and safety measures. But it’s especially important for wheelchair users, who are often unable to use the evacuation strategy that others use. If you’re a wheelchair user, you should have an emergency evacuation plan to ensure that you can get out of your home or workplace safely and quickly in the event of a fire emergency.

  1. Know where every usable exit is located. Not all exits will be OK for you to use, so it’s important to focus on the ones that will get you out safely. It is even more important to know which route is the safest and quickest.
  2. Become familiar with the safe havens on your floor at work. These are generally found in stair landings and elevator lobbies, and they have access to communication. These areas are specifically for wheelchair users who cannot make it to the ground floor and out of the building.
  3. Keep a fire extinguisher handy at home. Use it for small fires only, as you should leave home quickly and call for help when a fire breaks out.
  4. Have your cell phone with you at all times. Ensuring that can call for help is essential when you find yourself in trouble.
  5. Have smoke detectors throughout your home. At least one should be on every level of your home. In addition, one should be near your bedroom. Test the alarm to ensure it will wake you up if you’re sleeping.

Your safety is important to us here at Power Mobility and Lifts. That applies not just to emergency preparedness, but also to your equipment, which must be suited to your specific needs. If you’re looking for mobility equipment, a new service provider or both, give us a call. We work with clients all over Arizona, and we’re happy to help you.

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