durable medical equipment supplier, Phoenix, ArizonaIf you use durable medical equipment, you know how important it is to have a dependable supplier that provides what you need, as well as friendly, patient and knowledgeable customer service. You may have already established this kind of relationship, but if you’re new to an area, or you’ve just begun using a wheelchair or some other durable medical equipment, finding that supplier is at the forefront of your thoughts.

When you’re looking for a supplier, keep some questions in mind, and make sure you have satisfactory answers before you make your decision.

  1. Do you get to speak to a customer service representative in a timely manner?  When you call the company, you should never be put on hold for an unreasonable amount of time.  Once you get to the correct customer service representative, he should be friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.  This is a sign that the company prioritizes customer service, and it bodes well for a future business relationship.
  2. Does the company make house calls? This is an especially important question if you use a wheelchair and rely heavily on in-home service. Ask the company about its service policies. Does the company offer service seven days a week? What are the company’s policies regarding after-hours and holidays?
  3. Does the company accept your insurance? Durable medical equipment can be very expensive, and if you have insurance, you should be able to use it. After speaking with the customer service representative, you may want to contact your insurance company to verify the information you received.
  4. Are you able to speak to a specialist if you have questions about a specific piece of durable medical equipment?  Receptionists and accounts payable representatives may be very knowledgeable. But to ensure that you receive the most thorough information available, you should be directed to an equipment specialist. If one is not available right away, he should contact you in a reasonable amount of time.
  5. If you enjoy traveling, look into the types of accommodations and/or relationships the supplier has with other durable medical equipment suppliers around the country. Can they provide comparable equipment?

Due diligence can guarantee a lifetime relationship with a quality durable medical equipment supply company. Contact Power Mobility & Lifts, serving loyal Arizona customers for more than 35 years.