parking placard for the disabled, Phoenix, ArizonaA parking placard or license plate for the disabled is an invaluable asset when mobility is a challenge. Issued through the state, placards and plates for the disabled allow you to park legally in spots designed to get you as close to your final destination as possible. In many cases, these parking spaces are also slightly wider than standard parking spaces, which makes them much easier for those using mobility equipment to navigate. 

Individuals with a temporary or permanent disability are able to apply for a disabled parking placard or license plate, as are the caregivers who are responsible for transporting these individuals on a regular basis. Eligibility requirements and application guidelines are typically included on most states’ Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) websites; in Arizona, the Department of Transportation site contains all of the information you’ll need to get your application underway.

Parking placards for the disabled
These placards can be used by individuals with either a temporary or a permanent disability. A short-term, or temporary, disability parking placard is issued to assist people who have suffered a recent injury or who are recovering from surgery, and is usually valid for six months. Permanent disability parking placards are for those who don’t expect to experience any significant improvement in their condition over the next five years.

When applying for either type of placard, be prepared to present your driver’s license, license plate number and a physician’s certificate to the DMV. More information may be required, so be sure to check the DMV’s website before submitting an application.

License plates for the disabled
The rules for obtaining license plates for the disabled are generally more stringent and the applications are more complicated. In some cases, it can take several weeks for an application to be reviewed and approved. In addition to the application itself, proof of disability from a qualified physician will also be required. Check with the DMV ahead of time, and follow the instructions carefully.

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