americans with disabilities act, Phoenix, ArizonaThe Americans with Disabilities Act, which became law more than 20 years ago, is designed to ensure that those with disabilities can participate fully in our society.

The U.S. Department of Labor defines disability as an impairment that substantially limits at least one major life activity. Here’s a basic outline of your rights under Title I, Title II and Title III of the ADA:

  • Title I prohibits employment agencies, employers and labor unions from discriminating against any qualified person on the basis of his disability. This applies to hiring, firing, promoting, compensating and training. Employers must make accommodations for any qualified employee or applicant, unless it would cause undue hardship. Accommodations that are too expensive or too difficult to make are exempted.
    Under the ADA, an employer can’t ask about an applicant’s disability. He can ask about an applicant’s ability to perform specific duties. Employment offers may be conditional on the outcome of a medical exam only if all prospective hires must have the exam.
  • Title II prohibits discrimination in programs, services and activities administered by government departments and agencies.
  • Title III covers businesses and institutions including restaurants, grocery stores, banks, retail centers, hotels, daycare facilities, sports venues, movie theaters, museums, health clubs, colleges and professional offices. Those with disabilities must be given full access to goods and services offered by these businesses and institutions. Architectural barriers to access must be removed, unless doing so would present an excessive expense or difficulty. Some private clubs and religious organizations are exempt from Title III regulations.

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