depression from spinal cord injury, Phoenix, ArizonaMost people feel sad from time to time. This is a normal part of the bittersweet nature of life. But many people experience more than sadness at some point in their lives. Depression is a debilitating condition that affects thousands of people in the United States. It can affect every aspect of your everyday life. Common symptoms include sleep problems, loss of interest, feelings of hopelessness, diminished activity, loss of appetite, fatigue and thoughts of suicide.

Those with spinal cord injuries appear to be slightly more prone to depression than the adult population as a whole. According to one study, nearly 10 percent of all American adults have experienced at least one depressive episode. The depression rate among those with spinal cord injuries is believed to range from 11 percent to more than 35 percent. This may be understandable, but it’s quite possible to overcome depression if you have a spinal cord injury, and to enjoy a full and active life.

If you’re suffering any symptoms of depression, the first order of business is seeing a qualified counselor. Your counselor may advise you to start taking an antidepressant, which can boost the serotonin levels in your brain and help you feel more optimistic and motivated.

Any drug therapy should be coupled with counseling, which can help you gain perspective on your disability and even help you see how influences from the past have shaped your attitudes. Getting more clarity can help you make positive changes.

At the same time, pay attention to lifestyle habits that could be exacerbating your feelings of depression. Avoid alcohol, and get enough sleep. Follow a healthy diet. Talk with a nutritionist if necessary. Also, get exercise, and spend time with friends and family who make you feel good. Find a hobby that enriches your life.

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