Power Mobility and Liftspower scooter troubleshooting is based in Phoenix, but we serve power scooter customers across the state of Arizona. Because we work with so many mobility devices, we’ve seen just about everything — which is why we can pass along a list of solutions to common power-scooter service issues.

“My scooter is on, but it won’t run.”
A running scooter will go into battery-saving mode if it’s left idle too long. Simply turn your power scooter off and then on again to reset it.

“There’s a delay when I start my power scooter.”
This is a standard safety feature on both power scooters and wheelchairs. It prevents injury if the user accidentally touches the lever or joystick when entering or exiting the chair.

“I haven’t used the scooter in awhile, and now it won’t run.”
Power scooters work best when they’re used and charged regularly. If yours won’t operate, you may need to recharge the battery. Try charging it for eight to 12 hours, or follow your manufacturer’s recommendations if they’re different. If your power scooter still won’t operate, you may need a new battery.

“My scooter beeps when I start it.”
A power scooter left in free-wheel mode will beep when it starts up again. Make sure your scooter is in gear when you stop it. This should eliminate any beeping at startup.

“How do I maintain my power scooter?”
Each scooter manufacturer has its own list of maintenance requirements and recommendations. Check your owner’s manual. At a minimum, keep your scooter clean and the battery connections free of corrosion.

If you have additional questions or concerns about your power scooter, the team of repair specialists at Power Mobility and Lifts is here to help. Just give us a call. Think you need a repair? There’s never a need to bring your scooter in for servicing. We’ll come to you. Contact us to learn more.