power lift, Phoenix, ArizonaWhen it comes to transporting your power wheelchair or scooter, nothing is more important than making sure that your power lift is in good working order. To keep it in tip-top shape, there are few things you need to avoid.

No. 1: Skipping routine maintenance
Because a lift is heavy-duty equipment, routine maintenance is vital. Most manufacturers recommend having your power lift serviced every 750 cycles — which means twice a year for most users. When you stick to a routine maintenance schedule, you can rest assured that your lift will remain in good working order. You’ll also be able to identify potential problems well in advance of a breakdown, which will help you avoid inconvenience and loss of service.

No. 2: Delaying repairs
Occasionally, something does break on a power lift. If the lift is still operable, you may be tempted to continue to use it as is. Don’t. Your safety depends on the power lift’s ability to operate as designed. If that ability is compromised in any way, you’re putting yourself at risk. Don’t delay important repairs — call for service immediately.

No. 3: Making simple mistakes
Both injuries and equipment damage can occur when users make even simple mistakes using their power lifts. Here are common pitfalls to avoid:

  • Lowering a lift onto uneven ground
  • Failing to open car doors fully when folding up the lift platform
  • Improperly stowing the lift platform
  • Exiting the platform before the lift is fully extended or has stopped moving

At a minimum, these mistakes increase wear and tear on your lift — but they also can endanger you or your vehicle. Avoid them at all costs.

Although we’re based in Phoenix, Power Mobility and Lifts serves customers throughout the state of Arizona. We offer on-site, emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week on everything from power lifts to scooters. Let us help you stay on the move — contact us today for all of your maintenance needs.

Power lift image via Shutterstock