power wheelchair maintenanceA power chair is a wonderful piece of equipment for anyone needing mobility assistance. But like other sophisticated pieces of equipment, a power chair requires ongoing maintenance. This isn’t difficult. In fact, much wheelchair maintenance can be handled at home. Two of the biggest areas of concern are wiring and rechargeable batteries.

Your chair’s electrical connections and wiring are its central nervous system. For your chair to operate properly, the electrical current must be able to flow freely through the wires. Inspect your wheelchair daily, and make sure you correct any of the following issues:

  • Wires need to be kept clear of moving parts. Be sure they are tied down, bunched or clipped up so that they don’t become caught in the chair.
  • Electrical connections can loosen over time. Check then regularly and tighten those that are in danger of coming loose.
  • Sand and grit can corrode electrical connections and wires. Keep your chair free of dirt that can negatively affect operation.

Your chair’s batteries are its sole power source. Part of proper power-wheelchair maintenance is making sure that the batteries are charged according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Here’s what you can expect from a typical battery:

  • Batteries must be charged for eight to 10 hours every day. Anything less may leave you without power.
  • Depending on how and where you use your chair, a new, fully charged battery will power your chair for 10 to 20 miles per charge.
  • Plan to replace batteries every year.
  • Batteries naturally lose power if they’re left idle. Keep moving for best results.
  • Batteries that won’t hold a charge may indicate an electrical problem. When in doubt, call a qualified service technician.

The team of power-wheelchair maintenance experts at Power Mobility and Lifts are always available to address your questions and concerns. We service power wheelchairs and offer on-site service calls throughout Arizona. Contact us today, and let us keep you up and moving.