maintaining your power wheelchair, Phoenix, ArizonaYour power wheelchair is designed to give you years of service — provided you do your part to keep it running smoothly. Here are some things you should do and shouldn’t do to keep your chair in peak operating condition.


  • Know your equipment: Read up on your particular power wheelchair’s features and the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Familiarize yourself with your chair’s various components so that you’ll recognize what’s causing any particular problem.
  • Keep things tight: Nuts, bolts and electrical connections need to be securely fastened at all times. If any of these start to loosen up, arrange for a repair visit.
  • Stay charged: Your power wheelchair runs best when the battery is fully charged. When a battery is allowed to completely discharge, it can easily be damaged and may even have to be replaced. Make a battery recharge part of your regular routine.


  • Allow your chair to get dirty: When dirt and debris begin to build up, a power wheelchair’s performance can start to suffer. Keep your chair clean by wiping down the metal components regularly.
  • Get wet: Avoid operating your power wheelchair in the rain. Moisture can damage sensitive electrical connections and tends to promote rust. If you can’t avoid damp weather, bring along a plastic bag to cover your chair controls until you get home and can dry everything off.
  • Get overinflated: Never overinflate your power wheelchair’s tires. This can shorten the life of the tires and put you at risk for a blowout. When filling your tires, avoid using a high-pressure air pump like those found at gas stations. Use a bicycle pump instead.

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Power chair image via Shutterstock