preventitive scooter maintenance tipsWhen purchasing a mobility scooter, one is making a significant investment. As with any piece of machinery, both use and environmental conditions can wreak havoc on the precisely machined parts that make up mobility scooters. Maintaining a mobility scooter is similar keeping one’s car in good running condition and involves preventing issues that can render the vehicle unusable.

Whether caring for a travel scooter, standard sized scooter, or heavy duty scooter, your maintenance should include:

  • Regular cleaning – This can increase the vehicle’s longevity. The procedure should involve going over the exterior with a damp cloth at least once a week. This is especially important if the scooter has been used in wet conditions, in which case it should be cleaned and dried very carefully.
  • Keeping your scooter dry – Exposure to wet weather can cause serious damage to the scooter. If you have no choice but to store it outside, it should be protected with a waterproof covering like a tarp.
  • Properly maintaining your battery – Without proper battery maintenance, the charge will be short-lived and the battery’s life span will be reduced. Along with cleaning around the terminals, make sure you fully charge your battery every day. Let it cool down fully before charging, as a cooled battery will charge more quickly than a hot one.
  • Inspect your scooter’s cables, nuts, bolts and fuses – As with a car, these small parts are what keep the vehicle going. These should be checked regularly to ensure that everything is in place and intact.
  • Inspect wheels and tires – While many scooters these days have hard wheels, you will still need to check them regularly for wear. If the tires are inflatable, tire-pressure should also be checked.
  • Carefully read your scooter’s manual – While some general maintenance procedures will apply to most scooter models, your scooter’s manufacturer may provide maintenance tips that are specific to your type of scooter.

When you practice maintaining your mobility scooter correctly, you can prevent most problems and get years of trouble-free use. If you are in or around the Phoenix area, contact us at Power Mobility & Lifts to get expert advice on maintaining your mobility scooter.

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