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It is important to take care of ones quality mobility scooter or power wheelchair. Power mobility aids represent users ability to get around and can be a significant investment.

With that in mind, below are things we recommend our customers do or look out for to ensure their mobility equipment stays in reliable working order far past the manufacture’s warranty.

Steps to care for your power wheelchair or electric scooter:

  1. Keep all electronic components clean and free of moisture and dust build up.
  2. Avoid having any exposed wires.
  3. Never allow items on chair to drag or become tangled in wheels.
  4. Keep batteries charged ight need aregularly

Signs that your power wheelchair might need a tune-up:

  1.  Slow movinge up
  2. Slow moving
  3. Popping and creaking of mechanical components
  4. Battery is not holding a good charge
  5. Undesired performance from joystick
  6. Error coder from led lights on controller

Should you need any repair or routine maintenance services done to your power wheelchair or mobility scooter contact us today!