home safety as you age, Phoenix, ArizonaAs you age, keeping your home safe is a matter of anticipating problems before they arise. Every room has potential issues that you should take into consideration when you’re making your home amenable to your advancing needs. Survey each room for loose rugs, electrical cords and insufficient lighting.

Here are some helpful tips:

• Unsecured rugs should be secured or removed.
• Electrical cords should be tacked against walls or trim.
• All stairs should be accompanied by sturdy hand rails and nonslip surface treatments.
• Install sufficiently bright lighting along all stairways and hallways.
• Be sure every floor has a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher.

Bathroom and kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen have their own specific issues to be addressed as you age, so make sure you pay particular attention to the following:

• Install appropriate shower and toilet rails.
• Use a nonskid bath mat or other nonskid surface treatment in the tub.
• Lower your water temperature to 120 degrees. This will not only help you avoid scalds, but also reduce your utility bills.
• Make sure the door lock can be opened from the outside if necessary.
• Leave the light in the bathroom on at night.
• Use appliances with automatic shut-offs when possible.
• Keep hazardous items such as cleaners stored separately from foods.
• Clearly mark “off” positions on appliances.

Personal habits

As you age, it is helpful to adjust your habits to changing circumstances. Make sure that you remember to:

• Always get up slowly after lying down, making sure you have your balance before you stand.
• Wear comfortable, properly fitting shoes without excessive heels.
• Use a walking aid that has been correctly measured to fit your needs.
• Avoid cooking while wearing loose clothing.
• Use a labeled dispenser to make sure you are taking the right medications at the right times and in the right doses.

If you need to retrofit your home for wheelchair accessibility, those changes could qualify for a tax deduction. At Power Mobility and Lifts, we know that choosing and maintaining your mobility equipment are just as important as keeping your home safe. If you have any questions, give us a call. We’re happy to help.

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