purchasing a lift chair, Phoenix, ArizonaPurchasing a lift chair can make life much easier if you have a health condition such as arthritis that makes it hard to get up from a seated position. You and your family members may very well think of a lift chair as medical equipment, as well as a piece of furniture. After all, it’s necessary for your health and safety. And Medicare agrees with you — partly. Although many durable medical-equipment items are fully covered under Medicare, lift chairs are only partially covered. Generally, only the lift mechanism is covered, and coverage is limited to less than $300.

To qualify for even partial coverage you must:

  • Have severe arthritis or a neuromuscular disorder that restricts your movement.
  • Have a prescription from a doctor who says the lift chair is necessary to prevent your condition from worsening. You must be incapable of getting up from a regular armchair.
  • Be able to walk once you’re out of the chair.

Keep this partial coverage in mind when you’re shopping for a lift chair. In addition, some limitations and restrictions apply.

1) You must choose a chair with an electrical lifting mechanism: Some models still have spring-lift mechanisms, which are very unstable and even dangerous. Medicare does not cover these lift chairs. Medicare does cover lift chairs with built-in electrical lifting systems. This type of mechanism provides greater stability and higher reliability.

2) Your supplier should meet all Medicare requirements: All suppliers must have Medicare-approved accreditation and surety bonds. If you purchase a lift chair from the supplier who is not Medicare approved, you may not be reimbursed.

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