lift chair safety, Power MobilityA lift chair can be a real lifesaver for someone who needs help getting into and out of a seated position. This type of chair offers the same comfort and features as a standard recliner — but with the added benefit of a mechanism that slowly raises and lowers the chair. This minimizes your risk of falling or straining yourself. 

Lift chairs are available in so many fabrics and styles and have so many features, you may be overwhelmed. But the most important consideration should be safety. Lift chair safety — not fabric color or heat and massage options — should be first on your list.

Start with these three critical safety considerations:

Meeting height requirements
To use a lift chair safely, you need a chair that conforms to your height. A shorter person using a chair designed for someone tall will be lifted higher than what’s comfortable and safe. Likewise, someone who is tall won’t benefit from a lift designed for someone who’s shorter, because it won’t rise high enough. When you’re shopping for a chair, pay attention to the height rating.. Each chair has a recommended height range.

Understanding weight capacity
Lift chairs are generally designed for those who weigh no more than 375 pounds. If you weigh more than that, using a smaller chair will hinder operation and cause excess wear and tear on the motor. Heavy-duty lift chairs are available for those who weigh as much as 700 pounds. Most have two motors to ensure longevity.

Finding a reputable dealer
An experienced and reputable dealer will take the time to understand your personal preferences and physical needs. He’ll make sure that you have the chair that meets your specific height and weight requirements. Beware of a one-size-fits-all distributor.

At Power Mobility and Lifts, we have more than 35 years of combined experience in the field. Let our team of experts help you determine which lift chair is right for you. We make safety our No. 1 concern. Contact us for more information.

Lift chair image via Shutterstock