lift chair options Chandler, AZ areaLift chairs have come a long way since they were introduced 20 years ago. While once their only function was helping users rise from a seated position, many lift chairs can now do much more. In addition, they are becoming increasingly attractive, so finding the chair that suits your decor is no problem. It’s always good to have choices, but if you find that all of the options and styles are just a bit overwhelming, here’s a little more information that can help you make your decision.

Demand electronic control
In the past, many lift chairs were designed with spring mechanisms that were incapable of stopping once they began to move. Unfortunately, some users suffered injuries because they had so little control. Today’s better lift chairs are electronically controlled to ensure safe lifting and lowering. Don’t endanger yourself — make sure that the lift chair you purchase is electronically controlled.

Check weight limits
The vast majority of lift chairs are designed to assist those who weigh up to 300 pounds, but some models are capable of lifting someone who weighs as much as 500 pounds. Selecting a model that meets your weight requirements will ensure that your chair operates properly over the long haul.

Select a fabric
Lift chairs come in a variety of fabric styles and colors. Focus on fabrics that are breathable, durable and stain-resistant. They’ll be comfortable and long-lasting.

Consider your options

Lift chairs have optional features that can really add to your comfort. Consider including some of the following:

  • Full recline capacity.
  • Heat and massage.
  • Removable armrests.
  • In-chair storage.
  • “Wall hugger” design for close quarters.

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Lift Chair image via Shutterstock.