power scooter battery care, Phoenix, ArizonaFor those who have difficulty getting around, a power scooter can be a real life saver, making it possible to shop at stores, catch the sights at a park or simply take a breather outside. But as with any other piece of machinery, a power scooter needs routine care and maintenance. Although serious work is best left to the professionals, battery care is something you can — and should — handle yourself, because you’ll rely on the battery to keep you going every day. 

Here are the basic things you need to do to make sure your battery works every time you need it.

  • Keep your battery charged. It’s smart to charge the battery after every outing. Although some power scooter owners believe erroneously that they should let the battery run down, you don’t want to wait for your battery when you need to get out. Charging the battery after every use will ensure that it’s ready to go every time you want to use your power scooter. For specific instructions, consult your owner’s manual.
  • Try to avoid going out when it’s wet. If you must go out, dry the battery with a clean towel when you return home. Never charge your battery when it’s wet, as this can damage your battery.
  • Keep the battery clean and the terminals greased. Wipe off dirt with a clean, damp — not wet — cloth.
  • Try to keep your battery in a cool, dry place. Arizona’s extreme heat won’t harm your battery, but keeping it cool and dry can boost your power scooter’s performance.

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