maintain wheelchair battery, Phoenix, ArizonaNow that you have a power wheelchair to enable you to move more freely, it’s critical to both your safety and its longevity that you maintain the wheelchair battery — the power source that moves you and your chair.  

There’s nothing quite as exasperating and stressful while you’re enjoying the freedom your wheelchair provides as when the power in your battery begins to rapidly decrease.  Crossing a street with a diminishing wheelchair battery, going up a hill, or simply trying to get out of the scorching Arizona sun when your wheelchair is not functioning to its full capacity is unsafe, unnerving and unnecessary.

Although your caregiver or loved one can disengage the freewheel levers on your chair and push it manually should your battery go out completely, regularly and consistently maintaining the battery will help to avoid this stressful scenario altogether.

Power wheelchair batteries are designed to function at full capacity after each full charge; they’re commonly referred to as “deep cycle” lead-free batteries. The larger the rate of the battery’s current (or electron flow), the more easily your wheelchair will be able to traverse bumps in the sidewalk, big curbs and the dry desert.

The capacity of your battery indicates just how long it will last. Most deep-cycle batteries can keep your wheelchair moving continuously for three to nine hours.

To maintain the integrity and life of your wheelchair battery, there are a few simple things you can do:

  • Read and follow all manufacturer instructions regarding the care and maintenance of your chair.
  • Charge your wheelchair battery every night (or day – depending on how and when you use the chair).
  • Contact a company that specializes in power wheelchair service and keep their phone number in your cell phone.

For answers to all the questions you may have about wheelchair batteries, contact the pros at Power Mobility. We’re happy to help and offer expert advice.

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