home safety for those with mobility impairments, Phoenix, ArizonaIf you or someone you love has mobility impairments, it is absolutely critical that you take precautions in the home to ensure ongoing safety. From the bathroom to the bedroom, there are simple steps that everyone in the home can take to ensure that accidents are avoided.

First, make a careful tour of your entire home and identify anything that could impede someone’s progress or cause an accident. Measure doors and hallways to ensure that they are wide enough to accommodate mobility equipment. You may need to consider replacing narrow entryways or rearranging furniture to ensure open, clear lanes of movement through the home. Have handrails installed along staircases, and make sure that any steps or ramps in the home are clear of clutter and kept in good condition. Avoid using throw rugs, which can easily trip up those with mobility impairments.

Second, take a hard look at your bathrooms. Grab bars should be installed by the toilets and the bathtubs. A nonslip tub will prevent shower accidents, as will roll-in shower stalls for wheelchair users. If your home has a roll-up sink, be sure that any exposed pipes are insulated or covered to avoid burns. Sensor or lever-handled faucets are helpful additions for those with decreased upper body strength.

Finally, make sure that the kitchen gets a thorough safety inspection. Install low cabinets so that items are easy to reach. Lazy Susans and suspension or pull-out drawers can also be helpful and will prevent injuries from overreaching. Consider purchasing a ceramic or flat-top stove. You’ll avoid the inherent danger of open flames and enjoy the ease of moving pots and pans around the smooth top. Serious cooks may want to install a mirror above the stove so that it’s easier to see what’s happening to the pots at the rear of the stovetop.

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